Q-Panel: The Quite One


Q-Panel sound absorbing foam provides
superior noise control for engines, generators
and industrial machinery in factories, enclosures
and work sites.

Q-Panel foam is a new hydrophobic material that has excellent acoustical properties. This foam product can save you time and money because it is easy to fabricate and install, and is consistent in humid environments.

What is It?

  • Sound absorbing polyethylene foam
  • Consistent acoustical performance in humid environments
  • Resistant to water absorption
  • Structurally independent
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Contains flame retardant additives

What are the Benefits for You?

  • Excellent acoustical properties
  • A non-fibrous material
  • No additional films for moisture barrier
  • Labor savings
  • Lower overall solution cost
  • Easy to source and specify
  • Versatile for many noise control applications

Where It Makes a Difference

Q-Panel has superior noise reduction qualities and stands up under the most rigorous conditions, such as road and rail traffic and industrial machinery. The low frequency sound absorption is ideal for HVAC systems and transportation components, as well as acoustical panels.

Q-Panel is easy to install

and use as acoustical panels to control noise from generators, compressors, pumps and industrial equipment.

Q-Panel offers ideal noise control

for applications in tough environments, such as road and rail traffic, as well as for transportation and marine components.

Large Cells in Q-Panel
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The unique large cell structure
of Q-Panel

is key to its excellent sound absorption.

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